Ginger Oat Slice & Caramel Macadamia Slice from Butlers Chocolate Cafe

By: sugarsnapsunset

Dec 17 2014

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Yesterday I visited Butlers Chocolate Cafe with my mum for the first time, and we couldn’t have had a nicer experience. When both the food and the customer service meet or exceed your expectations, you know you made a great choice. We chose the Ginger Oat Slice and the Caramel Macadamia Slice ($4.60) to share. My mum used to make ginger crunch when I was growing up, and it was always one of my favorite sweet treats. Funny enough, I don’t care for raw ginger (I always promptly remove it from my sushi), and I despise the preserved or candied ginger. But I’m all about ginger crunch and ginger beer. Go figure. So, of course I asked the man behind the counter if this particular ginger slice had any ginger pieces in it. He said he wasn’t sure, but that I was welcome to try a bite and see if I liked it. Now I have not been to very many places that will offer you a tasting of a slice before you buy. This was completely refreshing, and this is definitely a great way to ensure customer loyalty. I took a bite, and was instantly pleased. The ginger icing took me back to my childhood, and the oats added to the base of the slice added extra texture & flavor. The pistachios on top made an excellent garnish. The Caramel Macadamia slice was decadent and rich, with a soft caramel and dreamy dark chocolate, but the ginger oat slice won out for me on that day. Butlers Chocolate originated in Dublin, Ireland, and I’m so happy we now have one in Auckland. I’ll be back to try their hot chocolate. And to get another Ginger Oat Slice ;-)

Butlers Chocolate Cafe: Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, Mt. Wellington, Auckland


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