Rolled Ice Cream from Minus Celsius

By: sugarsnapsunset

Jul 19 2016

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Focal Length:4.12mm
Shutter:1/20 sec
Camera:iPhone 5

Thai-style rolled ice cream is popping up all over New York City. The latest location is on Grand Street, Chinatown. The Minus Celsius Ice Cream storefront is unassuming, as is it’s plain interior, but the flavours here aren’t compromised in the slightest. From the chalkboard you make your selection from flavours such as Crazy Cookie (vanilla with Oreo), Summer Lovin’ (vanilla with banana & mango), and Matcha Madness (green tea with strawberry). You can also create your own flavour with up to 3 mix-ins. Then you get to watch the fascinating process of the workers chopping up the fruit or cookies, which they then pour cream anglaise over the top of. Once the mixture is worked into an ice cream consistency, they smooth it out into a rectangle shape then use a scraping tool to form the signature spirals of ice cream. The price ($7) isn’t bad at all considering the amount of ice cream you get (I struggled with mine, two people can easily share it), and the toppings are unlimited. Toppings include cookies such as nilla wafers and graham crackers, candy such as gummy bears and sauces including caramel or condensed milk.

I decided to go with the Nutcracker, a combination of vanilla ice cream with graham crackers and Nutella. For my toppings I got strawberries, a toasted marshmallow, pocky sticks and condensed milk. The ice cream was smooth and creamy, and I really enjoyed how light it was, without any artificial taste. I can’t wait to try the other flavour combinations.

*For a video of the ice cream process, please visit my instagram @lipsmackingfood

Minus Celsius: 302 Grand St, New York, 10002


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